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US V. THEM (2017)

"One of the more compelling young poetic voices of this time, Noah David Roberts is a powerful and innovative writer. His verse takes hold of the heart and mind and will not be turned aside until the truth of his vision has bled into the consciousness. Apocalyptic tales told with passion and compassion, "US V. THEM" will leave images dancing behind your eyes; unable to look away, you must be changed." ~Pamela Twining

"The Apocalypse Poet!" ~Ronald Dionysus Whiteurs

"N.D.R. is a voice like no other. A voice we all need to hear. So young, yet so full of wisdom and truths. A poets poet, showing us deep nether-worlds within our collective psyche. In "US V. THEM," Noah stands firm on the precipice, retaining a promise of what's possible beyond the false mirrors of our present time." ~ORTEGA

STRIPS (2018)

“Strips” has been in the work for three years. It is my magnum opus- a book-length poem that can be read as smaller poems within the larger context. The piece was written chronologically, and therefore chronicles all of what has encompassed my life for that time. It is unedited and raw, just like the life I live, and has not been edited to fit with standard grammar rules. I try to stay as close to true consciousness as possible. Ultimate clarity of breath & word were my goals with this piece. 

SLIME THING [and other poems] (2018)

"Noah David Roberts' work exhibits a maturity rarely seen in todays techno generation young poets. Even though the poems do contain agonies & triumphs of self, it is not exclusively so, it is teeming & steaming with descriptive imagery, bursting with unexpected apt metaphor. The imagery comes from history, geography, fauna, flora, even pop culture. The Speed and intensity sensory blitz of New York City. Unexpected Juxtaposition illuminations such as "coagulated musicians...", "the esophagus of molested world...", "bones flaccid as flesh..."

"Curbside" is a gruesome impassioned yet beatific study of skin. Therein is a chilling unearthly visit to Dachau. Raw & Powerful. The Theme, the meter, the content. The long work "Slime Thing" explores the struggle for integrity & survival after being thrust into an obviously slimed world in the present day. The poem "Empire" made me think Ginsberg is still alive."

~Andy Clausen

Available At:
Green Kill Gallery (Kingston, NY)
The Golden Notebook (Woodstock, NY)